Halloween At The Zoo

General News

Pumpkin pie might be the order of the day for people this Halloween but now zoo animals are also getting in on the act. Not only is pumpkin – either served raw or packed with various treats – a welcome change in the diet for most zoo animals, it is also a great way to […]

Baby sharks born at Aqua Terra Zoo

Green Austria

Nine bamboo sharks (or longtail carpet sharks) were born at the Aqua Terra Too in Vienna. The babies that are only ten-twelve centimetre long are now well protected in their own aquarium. The baby sharks are fed small pieces of fish, shellfish and shrimps. More babies are expected soon and several more sharks will hatch […]

Flak tower crane removed to make way for viewing platform


A huge crane left over from the war and mounted on top of one of Vienna’s massive Flak towers is set to be taken down after 70 years to make way for a new panorama viewing platform. During the war Vienna built six massive flak towers in which people could take shelter and which were […]