Baby sharks born at Aqua Terra Zoo

Nine bamboo sharks (or longtail carpet sharks) were born at the Aqua Terra Too in Vienna. The babies that are only ten-twelve centimetre long are now well protected in their own aquarium.

The baby sharks are fed small pieces of fish, shellfish and shrimps. More babies are expected soon and several more sharks will hatch from their eggs. The parents have lived in the big shark aquarium since 2009.

The shark couple sometimes scares the visitors as during mating season, the male bites the female in the back and fins. Visitors then get the impression that the sharks are fighting, director Michael Mitic stated. However, this habit is normal for the sharks.

Bamboo sharks are related to nurse sharks and live on the bottom of the Indo pacific. Bamboo sharks grow to a length of one metre and lose the pretty coloured pattern when they grow older.