Government ‘spends €600,000 on Habsburg website’


The Austrian government has come under fire for allegedly spending more than half a million Euros on a website documenting the history of the Habsburg family.Austrian newspapers report today (Thurs) that the coalition of Social Democrats (SPÖ) and People’s Party (ÖVP) invested 600,000 Euros in the creation of the homepage which does not feature […]

Exhibition on Susi Weigel begins on 13 May


An exhibition on the work of artist Susi Weigel will open at the Women’s Museum in Hittisau, Vorarlberg on 13 May, it was announced today (Fri).Weigel, who died in 1990, produced a vast amount of children’s literature, including the classic “Das kleine Ich bin Ich” (The small me is me) in 1972. The exhibition will […]

Schwarzenegger revealed as fan of Soviet leaders’ busts


A Russian bronze caster has exposed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s soft spot for sculptures of Soviet and Russian leaders.St. Petersburg-based artist Aleksandr Chernoshchekov said he got the chance to work for the Californian governor.”Schwarzenegger is very popular in Russia. Many kids don’t know the US President’s name, but they for sure know Schwarzenegger. I felt the same, […]