Exhibition on Susi Weigel begins on 13 May

An exhibition on the work of artist Susi Weigel will open at the Women’s Museum in Hittisau, Vorarlberg on 13 May, it was announced today (Fri).Weigel, who died in 1990, produced a vast amount of children’s literature, including the classic “Das kleine Ich bin Ich” (The small me is me) in 1972. The exhibition will be called “Ich bin Ich.”The exhibition on Weigel’s life and work will feature items in private ownership that have not previously been on exhibit. It will try to answer the question why she lived in obscurity in Vorarlberg for 38 years but had been well-known elsewhere.The curator of the exhibition, which will run through 26 October, is museum Director Stefania Pitscheider.Weigel, who was born in 1914, grew up in Moravia and Vienna. After studying the applied arts in Vienna, she went to Berlin, where she worked on animated films. She also produced hundreds of illustrations and began writing children’s books.She moved to Bludenz, Vorarlberg after marrying a man from the province in 1952.The exhibition will open from 3pm to 8pm on Thursdays, from 2pm to 7pm on Fridays and from 10am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.For more information, see www.frauenmuseum.at