Vienna’s House of Music in Mexico


Vienna’s House of Music Museum is being replicated in the Mexican city of Puebla. Just like the original, the ‘copycat’ museum in the Central American country will feature programmes and exhibitions about classical and contemporary music. One of these features will be the interactive ‘virtual director’ exhibit, which allows visitors to try their hand at […]

Plenty To Smile About For Axolotl

General News

This rare Axolotl salamander has a reason to smile as he welcomes visitors as the star attraction at an Aquaria Fun Park in Austria. Unlike his relatives he has not ended up struggling to escape pollution back home in Mexico or being experimented in a lab where they are a much sought after research object. […]

Krems vet walks 4,300 kilometres in six months


A vet from the city of Krems in Lower Austria has fulfilled a lifelong ambition of walking from Mexico to Canada. Sabine Schroll shut up shop in her veterinary practice and completed the 4,300 kilometre trek in six months. The Pacific Crest Trail stretches from the U.S. border with Mexico all the way to British […]