Kurz kicks off kindergarten initiative


Experts have expressed concerns about a capacity bottleneck as People’s Party (ÖVP) Integration Secretary Sebastian Kurz started a two-year kindergarten pilot project. Kurz – whose party forms a government coalition with the Social Democrats (SPÖ) – said yesterday (Weds) parents in two districts in Salzburg and Lower Austria were offered to send their children to […]

One in four Austrian weddings involve foreigners

General News

Almost a quarter of all the weddings in Austria are binational according to the latest statistics from Statistik Austria. It said that 23.5 percent of marriages fall into this category were either one partner is an Austrian and the other a foreign national – or both are foreign nationals. In 2010 that represented 8,823 binational […]

Forced marriage law extension likely


People’s Party (ÖVP) State Secretary Sebastian Kurz has called for a reform of Austria’s anti-forced marriage law. Forced marriages are not a criminal offence under the current regulations if carried out abroad. Austrians and people living in Austria are facing legal consequences for such actions only if this kind of marriage occurs within the country’s […]