Swap deals legal case gets underway


The civil case of the city of Linz, Upper Austria, against the Bawag bank about the swap deal will start on 24 May. The maximum amount of damage for Linz could be as much as 417 million Euros in the worst case. The city of Linz will send its financial director, the former state traffic […]

Frost destroys apple blossom

Culinary Guide

The unseasonal frost has destroyed up to 80 percent of the apple blossom in East Tyrol according to local farmers. The temperature dropped in the region to -5 degrees centigrade over the Easter weekend and farmers spokesman Hermann Kuenz who is himself a farmer said: “I’ve been in business 25 years and I’ve never seen […]

Eagle gives new meaning to bird’s eye view


Austrian filmmaker Christian Hermann gave a new meaning to birdÂ’s eye view for his new documentary after using a golden eagle to carry a camera.His latest film “Der Fjord in den Bergen – ein Jahr am Vilsalpsee” (The Fjord in the Mountains) includes spectacular aerial shots of the Vilsalp Lake in the Tyrolean Alps where […]