Poisoned eagle is recovering

Green Austria

An eagle is currently being treated in the bird of prey park Telfes, Tyrol (Western Austria). The animal ate the carcass of a dead animal that was shot with lead ammunition. The eagle is likely to survive the contamination. Since the end of April, the nursing ward of the park has had a special patient: […]

Steppe Eagle spotted for the first time in Austria

General News

A bird watcher has reported seeing a rare Steppe Eagle in Austria, the first time that the bird has been seen here. Steppe Eagles are rare in central Europe and overwinter in East Africa – making their way to southern Russia in April. The eagle spotted by bird watcher Doris Walter is the first of […]

Eagle gives new meaning to bird’s eye view


Austrian filmmaker Christian Hermann gave a new meaning to birdÂ’s eye view for his new documentary after using a golden eagle to carry a camera.His latest film “Der Fjord in den Bergen – ein Jahr am Vilsalpsee” (The Fjord in the Mountains) includes spectacular aerial shots of the Vilsalp Lake in the Tyrolean Alps where […]