Jacobs roasting plant leaves Vienna

General News

By Rachael Williams A total of 35 jobs will be slashed when Kraft Foods Austria, soon to be known as Mondolez, transfers its premises from the Austrian capital of Vienna to a new plant in Germany in 2013. Trade unions have criticised the move as the first consequence of the intra-group split that happened in […]

Austrian restaurant wins UK Slow Food Award


Heinz Reitbauer, master chef at the Viennese restaurant “Steirereck”, has won a British slow food award. Heinz Reitbauer, 41, founder, manager and chef at the Viennese restaurant “Steirereck” is a frequent contestant at the “Top 50 Restaurants Worldwide” which took place on the 30th of April in the London Guildhall.  Reitbauer is committed to sustainable, […]

Sausage row moves to the next stage

Culinary Guide

The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that it has received an official application from Slovenia for official recognition and protected status for the “Krainer Wurst”. That means that other countries that might also want to lay claim to the famous sausage or to dispute the Slovenian claim now have six months to register their objections. […]