Sex ad leaves right-wingers red-faced


A right-wing party’s youth organisation has vowed to review the organisation of its homepage after a banner advertised erotic contacts and a controversial computer game.The Vorarlberg branch of the Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) youth organisation RFJ confirmed today (Weds) that it cancelled the contract with an internet advertising company after a large banner which appeared on […]

Human brain back up in 20 years, says scientist

General News

By Mark TuttleScientists will be able to do a backup of the human brain including memories and thinking patterns within the next two decades, according to the computer scientist who was the first to predict the internet.Award-winning Raymond Kurzweil, 62, has notched up a string of pioneering computer inventions including voice recognition technology during his […]

JoWooD highscore in 2009


Turnover improved last year for Styrian software and computer game producer JoWooD Entertainment AG, the company reported today (Fri).The firm said its net profit had risen by 50 per cent from 1.005 million Euros in 2008 to 1.504 million Euros in 2009.Earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) rose by 24.8 per cent year on year […]