Matthew McConaughey denies surfing skills


Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey has questioned his surfing capabilities. The athletic actor told Austrian showbiz magazine Live today (Fri): “I had little time to go surfing recently. First, I took two years off to spend all my time with my family. Then I did three movies in a row. “I’m not a good surfer anyway […]

Many Vienna cultural locales flooded by rain

Green Austria

A number of Vienna cultural locales were flooded or otherwise disrupted by yesterday’s (Thurs) heavy rain.Water was ankle-deep in five of the seven cinemas at Lugner City, and one of them had to be evacuated during a film showing and the building’s lowest floor had to be closed. Theatre manager Alexander Fischbacher said it was […]

Lekkerland Austria pleased with 2009 figures despite lower turnover


Bosses at Lekkerland Austria – the German food wholesale trade firm’s Austrian branch – said they were happy with 2009 figures despite a decrease in turnover.Lekkerland Austria chief Andreas Jimenez said today (Mon) turnover had declined from 109 million Euros in 2008 to 108 million Euros last year.He added the firm had managed to tackle […]