Matthew McConaughey denies surfing skills

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey has questioned his surfing capabilities.

The athletic actor told Austrian showbiz magazine Live today (Fri): “I had little time to go surfing recently. First, I took two years off to spend all my time with my family. Then I did three movies in a row.

“I’m not a good surfer anyway – there are just too many damn paparazzi shots of me on a surfboard,” he added.

McConaughey – whose new film “The Lincoln Lawyer” will be in cinemas across Austria later this month – also revealed how he prepares for possible roles.

“I usually get into my car and drive into the countryside. I read scripts all day and take notes. When I come back, I work on them with an assistant. This is fun and a very creative process, but it can also be frustrating at times,” the 41-year-old “A Time to Kill” star explained.

Asked how many cars he currently owned, the father-of-two and self-proclaimed sport and automotive enthusiast said, laughing: “Not as many as I used to own! You need a family car when you have got kids, not a vintage roadster.”