Austrian on trial over Aldi blackmail

General News

The trial of a 61-year-old man from Salzburg, who blackmailed the company Aldi South, started yesterday (Wed) in Duisburg, Germany. The defendant has already admitted that he demanded 15 million Euros from the firm. The defendant, who is the publisher of a German magazine in Pattaya, Thailand, stated that he was forced to blackmail Aldi […]

Hofer Austria boss to join Aldi Süd


Hofer Austria boss Johann Mörwald will join Aldi Süd’s “coordination board” by the end of this year, company officials announced today (Thurs).Mörwald has headed Hofer Austria – the German discount supermarket’s Austrian branch – since 2008.Austrian newspapers claimed Hofer Switzerland chief executive Günther Helm will become new Hofer Austria head.Mörwald is meanwhile set to coordinate […]