First endocrinological centre opens in Innsbruck

It is often hard to diagnose and treat diseases that were caused by glands. As these endocrinological diseases occur quite often, a special centre was opened in the hospital of Innsbruck, Tyrol (Western Austria).

Every fifth Austrian citizen suffers from a disease caused by glands. Obesity, diabetes or osteoporosis are only a few examples of over 1,000 different diseases.

Herbert Tilg, director of the internal medicine department of the hospital in Innsbruck, recommends that patients check their glands regularly. Together with Irene Virgolini (director of nuclear medicine) and Ludwig Wildt (director of endocrinological gynaecology), Mr Tilg founded an endocrinological centre.

The symptom of gland diseases is often only a reflection of the actual disease. It does not even need to occur in the same body region, Ms Virgolini explained. For example, the failure of the thyroid gland can affect digestion, the cardiovascular system or mental health.

The centre will focus firstly on polycystic ovarian syndrome. According to Mr Wildt, this is a typical endocrinological disease that is hard to diagnose but which can have enormous effects on the patient.

The goal of the centre, alongside providing information to doctors and patients, is also education and training. In particular, people must be made more aware of the meaning of endocrinological diseases, said the founder.

This would result in quicker diagnosis and therefore a better chance of treatment, or even a cure.