Final result of referendum not surprising

The final result of the Vienna referendum was announced after the last postal votes were counted yesterday (Mon). It does not significantly change the preliminary result. 38.7 percent of residents entitled to vote took part in the referendum.

The last postal votes were counted yesterday (Mon). Most valid votes (388,605) were counted in regards to the privatisation issue, while most invalid votes (344,433) were counted in regards to the issue of parking management.

1.15 million residents of Vienna were entitled to vote in the referendum, of which 38.7 percent actually took part. In comparison, 35.9 percent voted in 2010 when they had to decide about dog license, night-operating undergrounds etc.

The voter turnout means an increase of the turnout of the preliminary result from last Tuesday. The percentage of postal votes is significantly high (97.72 percent). Only 2.28 percent voted in one of the offices between 7 and 9 March.

Residents of Vienna thus rejected the application for the Olympic games in 2028. They also advocated that parking stickers should remain a part of the district organisation.

Voters supported the City of Vienna in their beliefs that public services should not be privatised and more ecological power plants should be built.