Teen fined for child abuse

A 14-year-old school boy has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl.

The unnamed teenager was given a five month suspended sentence and handed a 1,000 euro fine after publishing naked photos of the youngster on the internet.

According to the prosecution, the boy convinced the young girl, who attended the same school, to take the indecent pictures of herself and send them to him.

He then distributed the pornographic snaps to friends and peers using Facebook and his mobile phone. The accused turned 14 three weeks before carrying out the crime and was therefore punishable for his actions by law.

The trial was carried out in a closed courtroom after the boy’s lawyer argued details from the case could damage his future. It also remained unclear during the trial why the girl had trusted the boy who was two years her senior with the photos.

The victim has since left the school and has been having psychiatric treatment since the publication of the photos.

Despite being found guilty of distributing pornographic material and sexual abuse, the boy will not be put on the sex offender’s register.

During sentencing, the judge warned him to be more careful when using the Internet and sites like Facebook.