Official accused of bagging €100,000 of public funds

A civil servant has been suspended over accusations that he has been embezzling large amounts of town hall assets for years.The man, whose name and age were withheld, faces criminal charges. He is accused of having pocketed around 100,000 Euros throughout the past three years. The losses were discovered in an internal inspection.Police in the province of Styria, who confirmed newspaper reports from today (Fri), did not reveal what town the man was working for. Authorities refused to reveal what the man did with the money and whether some or all of it was gone.Earlier this month, officials in Wels, Upper Austria, said that a 22-year-old who worked as a clerk at the town hall of a community near the city confessed to having gambled away 11,000 Euros of public money. The man faked a break-in at his office in a bid to cover up his losses playing on one-armed bandits.