Viennese more generous this Easter

People of Vienna will splash out more on presents this Easter, according to a poll.The Viennese Economy Chamber (WKW) said today (Thurs) residents of the capital will spend an average 54 Euros on gifts ahead of this year’s upcoming festival, three per cent more than last year. More than 50 million Euros will be invested in Easter-themed gifts by Vienna’s citizens, according to the WKW.The organisation also found that women will spend an average of 59 Euros, up from 52 Euros in 2010. Men are ready to fork out just 50 Euros, unchanged to their Easter gifts budget in 2010. WKW polled 500 people for its research.Earlier this week, a survey by Marketagent showed that only 25 per cent of Austrians consider Easter as a religious celebration. The vast majority regard the festival as an occasion to get together with their families, the research firm found.