Surgeons amputate wrong leg

Bungling doctors performing delicate surgery to remove a woman’s leg first amputated the wrong one and then, realising their mistake, amputated the other, it has been revealed today (Fri).The 90-year-old woman had been rushed to St. Johann hospital in Tyrol after suffering from a serious vascular dysfunction. But after carrying out surgery to remove the leg, the doctors realised they had taken off the wrong one and so then amputated the pensioner’s other leg.According to newspaper Kleine Zeitung, hospital bosses then tried to cover up the incident and when it became public hid behind their Hippocratic Oath, claiming medical confidentiality.Now prosecutors are expected to begin investigating and the doctors involved could face charges of negligence and causing bodily harm.Hospital chiefs have declined to comment on whether the doctors are still working at the hospital or on what led to the blunder.