Kite surfer hurled against caravan

A kite surfer suffered serious injuries as a wind gust threw him against a caravan today (Weds).The 44-year-old man from Vienna was transported to the city’s Meidling Emergency Clinic after the dramatic accident at Lake Neusiedl in the eastern province of Burgenland.Local officials said the man sustained broken ribs and possibly spinal injuries as he was tossed against a caravan parked near the waterfront by a strong wind gust.The incident comes after a man from Kufstein, Tyrol, died after suffering a heart attack on a boat trip on the lake earlier this month.The 60-year-old’s friends managed to drag him back on board after he collapsed and plunged into the water, but failed to resuscitate him.Lake Neusiedl is Central Europe’s second-largest steppe lake and a popular holiday destination. It straddles the Austrian-Hungarian border, whereas 240 of its 315 square kilometres are on Austrian territory.