Carinthian jailed for killing man by kicking head

A Carinthian has been sentenced to 14 years in jail for killing a man by kicking his head “like a football” when an argument got out of control.The jury at Klagenfurt’s provincial court heard today (Tues) how the 21-year-old booted his opponent’s skull at a park in the city in June 2008. Witnesses said in court that the defendant went beserk after the 39-year-old refused to give him to a cigarette.”He knocked him out with several punches and then started to kick his head like a footballer kicks the ball,” one eyewitness explained.The accused – who has been in custody ever since the incident – claimed he was drunk and on drugs that night.Doctors told the jury that his victim was clinically dead soon after the brutal attack. They put the man into an artificial coma where he stayed for months before dying.The jury decided that the attack was murder and opted for a 14-year jail term followed by institutionalisation at a mental hospital.The sentence is not yet legally binding as the defendant, who pleaded not guilty, appealed the verdict.