Klagenfurt police arrest four heroin dealers

Police said drug dealers they had arrested on the weekend had earned more than 600,000 Euros selling heroin during the past 11 months.Investigators in Klagenfurt announced today (Mon) the four-member all-male gang aged 19 to 22 had been taken into custody and 1.8 kilograms of heroin had been confiscated.Police found out the gang – who are addicted to heroin themselves – had earned more than 600,000 Euros selling around eight kilos of the illegal substance to more than 40 addicts in the Carinthian capital.Anti-drug police groups in Vienna and Upper Austria arrested 40 smugglers, dealers and customers when they smashed a cross-country drug ring run by Africans living in Vienna last week. Seventy-eight kilograms of heroin worth almost four million Euros were confiscated.