Pizza oven automat firm started by students

Students from the Wels-based FH Oberösterreich have developed what they claim is the world’s first pizza vending machine.

In 2007 the school founded its transfer centre for business creation under the leadership of Dr. Gerold Weisz.

Under his leadership in the next two years eight successful businesses were grounded as well as exciting initiatives such as the ideas workshop.

Fast food is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the gastronomy market and the “BistroBox” project including all the marketing as well as the machine – with the latter being developed with the help of students from the faculty of technology and the environment at FH OÖ Campus Wels.

The machine can deliver a heated pizza in under 2 min. It can store up to 250 pizzas at a time when offering for different varieties – a margarita, salami, ham and
a pizza of the day with each one costing around three euros.

The team said that the big challenge was to create a machine that in one section had pizza cooled to -18°C and in another section had an oven heated up to 400°C.
The four Welser FH-graduates Klaus Haberl, David Kieslinger, Rene Prösser and Jürgen Traxler admitted that the idea had initially been more of a joke when it was suggested.