Private university application withdrawn

A new private university in Vorarlberg on the location of the former cheesemaking firm Rupp in Lochau may now not go ahead.

The reason is a disagreement between the project managers and the local council.

The disagreement is so serious that the project managers have now withdrawn their request for approval of the University back from the Austrian accreditation program.

They say that the local council have put forward too many conditions including the need to hand over flats which are supposed to be built alongside the project as well as parking spaces and more space for the public that need to be made available.

Project manager Roland Pircher said they will only allow the application to be resubmitted when the negotiations with the local council have been positively resolved.

Maher Xaver Sinz (ÖVP) I said they are prepared to relax the requirements because the community does want to have the University built.