Volkstheater reintroduces Nestroy classic

A comical play by celebrated dramatist Johann Nepomuk Nestroy has made a comeback on the playbill of the Volkstheater.”Umsonst” was drawing the crowds at the theatre in Vienna-Neubau in the past season. Now director Michael Schottenberg decided to put the play back on.Popular stage comedian and TV actor Andreas Vitasek is playing a leading role in the play from 1857. Vitasek also starred in “Einen Jux will er sich machen”, another play penned by Nestroy in the Volkstheater¬ís past two seasons.The Volkstheater is one of Austria¬ís leading theatres. Many claim it has always had difficulties stepping out of the shadow of the Burgtheater Vienna. The Volkstheater was recently in the headlines when it emerged that hundreds of regular theatre-goers cancelled their subscriptions in the past years. Schottenberg reacted by vowing this development will not stop him from staging both mainstream and controversial works.”Antigone”, “Harold and Maude” and “Illegal” are other plays currently on at the Volkstheater. Visit www.volkstheater.at, call +43 1 521 114 00 or write to ticket@volkstheater.at for performance times and ticket information.