DHL centre opens at VIA

A subsidiary company of Deutsche Post AG has opened a logistics and competence centre in Austria.German postal services provider Deutsche Post said today (Mon) its express mail branch DHL’s Global Forwarding department started operating a cold warehouse at Vienna International Airport (VIA).Deutsche Post explained DHL will store temperature-sensitive products at the site but also work on future solutions for the shipping of such goods to ensure that the distribution cold chain does not get interrupted.The company explained that the majority of goods which will be preliminarily kept at the 500-square-metre facility were pharmaceuticals and drugs. The centre offers the option to store medication at temperatures between two and eight degrees centigrade as well as between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade, Deutsche Post added.VIA is located near the town of Schwechat south-east of Vienna. It is Austria’s busiest aerodrome for passenger flights and cargo transportation.