Wuff guide

A hotel for dogs that offers a menu of freshly cooked gourmet food, doggy  sun loungers and swimming pools and special fitness rooms for four-legged friends has opened in Carinthia in Austria.

Owner Friederike Zaubek said that her dachshund Alfi there had been a permanent guest had always seemed to be so happy at the hotel that they decided to open it up to other dogs and add special doggy features.

The menus created by the hotel chefs specially the dogs were all tested in advance by Alfi – including freshly cooked beef with oats for carrots with salmon and potato.

Portions of course depend on the size of the dog said Friederike.

And those that are not content simply to laze around can also use the time constructively – qualified trainers are on hand to either teach old dogs new tricks or to help owners to gain valuable dog licence needed to ensure reduced dog insurance costs and also demanded for certain breeds in parts of Austria.