Every third Austrian to vacation in Austria

Every third Austrian who will go on holiday this year will do so in Austria, according to the results of a new poll by the Institute for Tourism and Leisure-Time Research released today (Mon).It said 10-to-15 per cent of the 50 per cent of Austrians who were planning to go on holiday had changed their minds about foreign destinations and would remain in the country.The typical person who was planning a vacation in Austria was over 30 years of age, resided in the country and had no children younger than 15, the Institute noted.Austrian holidays were primarily a question of education and income, since Austrians with higher education and higher incomes were more likely to go abroad.Domestic vacations would last 7.6 days on average, those abroad 12.7 days on average.The most-popular destinations for Austrian holidays were the provinces of Carinthia and Styria, with Vienna being the least popular.Forty-three per cent of residents of Lower Austria who go on holiday will do so in Austria, whereas only 16 per cent of Tyroleans will do so.The Institute polled 1,000 people older than 15.