Tolls not car fuel tax, says IV


The Austrian Industrial Association (IV) is calling for car tolls rather than for an increase in taxes on car fuel, according to today¬ís edition (Fri) of news magazine Format.IV General Secretary Markus Beyrer is quoted as calling tolls based on the number of kilometres driven “a more intelligent alternative.”He said tolls could be staggered in […]

Car fuel prices lower than the EU average

General News

The prices of petrol and diesel-fuel in Austria are lower than the EU average, the Economics Ministry said today (Fri).The averge price of a litre of Eurosuper 95 petrol in Austria on 8 March had been 1.143 Euros, compared to the EU average of 1.295 Euros, a difference of 15.21 cents a litre.In addition, the […]