Austria to act over medal drought


Austria will no longer support “Olympic tourists”, the country’s sports minister Norbert Darabos said in an interview with the Kurier newspaper. Promising a major shake-up of state support for competitors after the country failed to win a summer Olympic Games medal for the first time in half a century. Legislation to be crafted this year […]

Italian wins sauna contest


An Italian beat more than 100 contenders to win a Sauna World Championship staged in Styria at the weekend. The competition – held in a spa in Graz on Saturday and Sunday – did not focus on how long people could endure boiling hot temperatures but on participants’ techniques of creating a perfect sauna experience […]

Snowboard and Freeski Slopestyle Contest at Semmering


The lower Austrian and Viennese titles for the Snowboard and Freeski Slopestyle Contest as part of the Raiffeisen Club Eastcup Snowboard & Freeski took place in Semmering at the weekend. A strong field of competitors gathered at the Split-Park on Zau[:ber:]g with 35 Newcomer’s and regulars competing in the Slopestyle discipline. Snowboarders and Freeski offers […]