Snowboard and Freeski Slopestyle Contest at Semmering

The lower Austrian and Viennese titles for the Snowboard and Freeski Slopestyle Contest as part of the Raiffeisen Club Eastcup Snowboard & Freeski took place in Semmering at the weekend.

A strong field of competitors gathered at the Split-Park on Zau[:ber:]g with 35 Newcomer’s and regulars competing in the Slopestyle discipline.

Snowboarders and Freeski offers competitors the chance to negotiate obstacles such as boxes, rails and kickers to show off their skills. At the end the entrants were valued by the expert jury.

Among the Freeski schoolkids the local hero from Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Thomas Beran came in shortly before Rainer Pusterhofer and Nico Fuchs to take the title.

In the teenager category Lorenz Wittmann took the first place with fantastic tricks just ahead of Lukas Schiedermayer and Christoph Zulechner.

In the category of Routiniers Philipp Jansch was the winner with some spectacular tricks ahead of Patrick Wöckl.

With the snowboarders in the child category Pauli Steindl was a clear winner beating Dorian Sandhofer and his fantastic smaller brother Fabian Steindl, who with the age of five was the youngest competitor in the Eastcup Contest.

With only one competitor in the women’s category the winner was clear but Olivia Schmidjell also deserve the honour with her perfectly performed tricks.

In the category schoolboy 1 Simon Gschaider came in ahead of David Ploninger and in the category schoolboy 2 Dennis Seckl managed to perform better tricks than Fabian Auer to get the first place.

In the general category Alf Graf was once again at Zau[:ber:]g Semmering and showed the best Snowboard Tricks on the day.

Dave Wagner came in a close second.

The Split-Park am Zau[:ber:]g offers freestylers the best possibilities to enjoy the sport including two new elements added this year.