Nagl will new ice sport centre for Special Olympics

Mayor of Graz Siegfried Nagl from the ÖVP is supporting the bid for a new Ice Skating Hall in Graz and hopes it can attract federal funding.

The planned ice centre would be for the Special Olympics which take place in 2017 in Graz.

Under the motto ‘Heartbeat for the World” around 3000 sports people are expected in Graz and Schladming for the Olympic for people with mental disabilities.

In Schladming very few changes are needed as the facilities made for the Ski WM will be used.

Hermann Kröll, President of the Special Olympics Austria said: “There is not much to do in Schladming, we just need to make sure we keep the stadium in the same condition. We need to make sure the Ramsau is kept in optimal condition for the Nordic competitions. The Hoochwurzen and the obere Rohrmoos are ideal for the Alpine competitions. The City of Graz is also a perfect location,”

However, the Ice Sport Centre in Liebenau is out of date and is not disabled friendly. It is not possible to tear the building down as parts of it are protected buildings.

To restore the hall it would cost six million Euro. To redevelop and improve it, it would cost 20 million Euro. A new build would cost 40 million Euro.

Nagl however hopes a completely new ice sport centre can be built, he said: “We are discussing possibilities. I am an optimist. We hope to achieve this and have anew ice centre for all ice sport fans.”

The competitions are however in no way under threat. Even if they plans collapsed the Stadthalle could be turned into an ice sport centre for the Special Olympics.