Leaked report links Chechen president with refugee killing

Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov is accused of having masterminded the foiled abduction of a refugee who was killed in Vienna last year, according to a leaked secret service report.A top secret document of Austria’s federal office for constitutional protection and the fight against terrorism (LVT) that fell into the hands of a journalist at Viennese magazine Falter reveals authorities suspect Kadyrov of planning to kidnap Umar Israilov.Israilov, 27, was killed by three bullets on a street in Vienna-Floridsdorf after a wild street chase in January 2009. He was one of the Chechen president’s bodyguards before falling out with him. Kadyrov denied accusations by Israilov’s family and lawyers that he had ordered his murder.Israilov – who had put an effort into publicise Kadyrov’s alleged massive violations of human rights – had lived for four years in Austria before he was shot. He applied for asylum in September 2005, and his application was approved in June 2007.Austrian police admitted after the killing they had been contacted by Israilov with an appeal for personal protection. He had claimed he was being followed by Kadyrov’s undercover troops.Gerhard Jarosch, a spokesman for the Vienna state prosecution, confirmed the authenticity of the leaked LVT report yesterday (Tues).”It is correct that the LVT assumed that Kadyrov acted in the background,” he said.Jarosch said evidences seem to confirm that Kadyrov – a close ally of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin – wanted Israilov to be kidnapped but not killed. “It seems he was shot after the kidnapping failed,” he added.Falter claims a Chechen “Commando Group Austria” was assigned to track down Chechen asylum seekers in Austria to kidnap and kill them. Jarosch refused to comment this theory.The man suspected of having shot Israilov is still on the run, while his accomplice who is accused of being present at the killing is in custody. Several other Chechens are in the focus of investigators, it has been reported.