Birth balance negative once again

The birth balance of 2012 has been negative for the first time in three years. This was due to an increase in deaths. Another trend is that women give birth to their first child when they are older.

Even though more children were born last year, there was a negative balance of 484 for the first time since 2009.

Statistics Austria stated that this was due to an increase in deaths of 3.9 percent. Mothers also give birth to their first child when they are older. Many children are illegitimate. Moreover, a decrease in infant mortality was registered.

78,952 children were born in 2012, which is 843 children more than in 2011. Increasing birth rates were registered in all states. The most significant growth was registered in Tyrol (2.9%), followed by Vorarlberg (2.0%), Upper Austria (1.8%) and Styria (1.6%).

Salzburg, Burgenland, Vienna, Lower Austria and Carinthia had rates, which were lower than the Austrian average.

The rate of illegitimate children increased from 40.4 to 41.5 percent. The highest percentage was registered in Carinthia (55.3 percent) and Styria (50.3 percent). 252 infants died in the first year after birth. This is 10.3 percent less than in 2011.

The average age of fertility in Austria was 30.2 years and 28.7 years for first time mothers. This was around 0.2 years higher than in 2011.