New free wireless Internet locations in Vienna

Around 20 new WIFI hotspots are currently being installed at highly frequented places in Vienna. The districts pay for the costs. The previous pilot projects at the square in front of the town hall and at Danube island have been popular.

One station costs between 10,000 and 30,000 Euros, depending on the venue. The public is very interested in the project.

Free WIFI hotspots are currently being installed at Stephansplatz, in the outdoor swimming pool “Gänsehäufel” and at Yppenplatz in Vienna Ottakring.

In the following months, further stations will be installed at Hamerlingplatz in Vienna-Josefstadt, at Sigmund-Freud-Park in Vienna-Alsergrund and at Simmeringer Platzl. While a hotspot at Meidlinger Platzl was set for 2014, other venues such as Schwedenplatz are still being discussed.

Unlike Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, the City of Vienna does not plan to provide free WIFI on public transport. According to the Wiener Linien, this service would be too expensive.