Young generation is hungry for knowledge

The vast majority of young Austrians are eager to learn, according to a new study.Pollster GfK Austria said today (Mon) that 80 per cent of Austrians aged between 15 and 30 said they were hungry for knowledge. GfK Austria interviewed 4,600 Austrians aged between 15 and 30.These findings come on the back of a poll showing that young people living in Austria are investing only a few minutes a day reading printed newspapers.Researcher Market said last week that Austrians aged between 16 and 29 spend an average 60 minutes per week reading printed daily publications, while 28 per cent of people aged 50 and older invest five or more hours each week on reading the press.GfK Austria’s study seems to suggest that more and more young Austrians prefer the internet to get up-to-date. The number of Austrian households with access to the internet ranges around 75 per cent, up from 69 per cent two years ago.Almost three out of 10 Austrians and 59 per cent of Austrians aged between 15 and 29 use social networks and micro-blogging platforms on the World Wide Web like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is reportedly the most popular of such websites as two million of the overall 8.5 million Austrians have an account.