Dutch tourists put partying Belgians in clinic

A group of Dutch holidaymakers face bodily harm charges after attacking Belgian revellers, police in the Salzburg ski resort of Saalbach have said.Three tourists from the Netherlands injured the eight partying companions from Belgium after they refused to abandon the night-time binge-drinking session at their hotel room located above the Dutch skiers’ suite.The Dutch pals beat up the drunken Belgians after several appeals to stop making so much noise in the middle of the night went unheard. The tourists from the Netherlands are now facing charges for bodily harm and damaging private property as they smashed the Belgian group’s door before storming into the room to attack them.Two revellers were seriously injured in the incident, while their six pals needed treatment for bruises and cuts. They may face fines for making too much noise at night.A somewhat similar incident happened in Ischgl, Tyrol, when a German holidaymaker ended up in a clinic when confusion over hotel rooms turned into a fistfight.The injured man was part of a group of three tourists partying in a hotel suite in the Tyrolean ski resort in December. The friends’ boozy get-together was interfered by another German who had just arrived at the hotel.The man mistook the group’s room with his own. He defended himself when he was attacked by the drunken trio. One of the partying skiers had to be hospitalised.