Allotment plan cancelled after mass protest in Innsbruck

The controversial “Urban Gardening Project” on the Pacherwiese in Pradl, a part of Innsbruck, Tyrol, will probably be terminated. Residents protested against the project.

Massive protests of the residents culminated in a town meeting yesterday (Mon). The town government and the initiators thus withdrew the project.

The planning commissioner of Innsbruck Gerhard Fritz (Green Party) announced that he would recommend the mayor to dissolve the lease contract for the “Urban Gardening Project” and to find a different venue for the project.

The initiator of the Rucola project did not appear at the town meeting due to allegedly personal attacks.

The Pacherwiese is currently a playground for children. The opponents argued that the playground would vanish if the gardens were established.

The plan was to plant agricultural crop as well as vegetables and fruits in the gardens. The project was planned to serve the community and to help children understanding the value of food.