Small furry animal cuts off village electricity

Electricity to a village was cut off when a Martin tried to bite through a high voltage cable.

Villagers in Waengle in Reutte, Tirol, were left without power for several hours until the fault could be discovered at a remote Alpine junction box.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “The animal was killed instantly but its charred body caused a short circuit and it had to be removed before power could be supplied again.”

Martin’s are regarded as a nuisance in Austrian cities like Vienna where their love of cables is well known by car drivers.

Most notably the animals will find a place in a warm engine and sit there munching cables until they are warmer before continuing their travels.

Every year the animals cause tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage say motoring club Ă–AMTC, who have been trying to find why the animals seem to like biting cables.