Prisoners At Fritzl Prison Brew Own Alcoholic Punch

Prisoners at Austria’s most high security prison where incest monster Josef Fritzl is serving his life sentence brewed more than 100 pints of Christmas punch – without guards noticing.

Guards admitted that the alcohol had been brewed by a group of inmates in the prison kitchen, one of the most coveted jobs where Fritzl is also allowed to work as one of the trusted inmates.

Stein prison in Krems Lower Austria is supposedly a high security jail and houses Austria’s most serious criminals, and staff were left red faced when they were ordered to stage a search of all the rooms, and discovered the illegal still.

They also recovered 100 pints of the home made alcohol when the prison was searched room by room by 100 prison guards.

The prisoners mixed the fruit with dumplings made from bread, with the yeast in the bread leading to the fruit juice fermenting, making an alcoholic punch like drink.

Real punch is made with fruit juice and rum.

Deputy Prison Director Christian Timm admitted: “The prisoners had the chance to buy fruit for themselves as a reward for good work. Unfortunately, this was abused by the prisoners in the kitchen and they used it to make high percent alcohol.”

Timm added: “We found other forbidden items such as old mobile phones, usb sticks and cannabis.”

Fritzl kept his daughter as his sex slave for 24 years in a dungeon under his home and fathered seven children with her. He was then jailed in Stein, where he was offered the chance to be one of the kitchen staff.