Four-year-old attacked by Rottweiler

A four-year-old child is in a serious condition in hospital after being attacked by his grandmother’s Rottweiler dog.

The attack happened in Ferlach, Carinthia. The child was visiting his 66-year-old grandmother together with his six-year-old sister.

The attack happened when the grandmother left the house briefly to let her two Rottweilers out of their kennel – telling the children not to leave the house.

But the child opened the door and followed his grandmother without her noticing.

When the Rottweiler saw the four-year-old it pounced on him and started attacking him, causing serious bite wounds.

The grandmother managed to get the dog off the child.

The child was airlifted to hospital in Klagenfurt via the Christophorus 11 rescue helicopter with head and leg injuries.