CCTV images of suspected serial rapist

Austrian police have issued these CCTV images of a man they suspect might be responsible for a series of rapes on the Vienna U6 underground line.

The man is believed to have struck three times at least and police have not ruled out that the might be other victims who have not yet come forward.

The man seems to follow the same mode of operation each time – singling out single young women on the underground line and then following them from the train station and waiting until there is a quiet location before attacking them usually from behind and threatening them with a knife.

He has also dropped his victims of money and telephones believed to be an attempt to make it difficult for the women to raise the alarm.

But these CCTV images of a man roughly between 168 cm – 172 cm are believed to be of the attacker and police have appealed to anyone who can identify him to get in touch.

Anyone with information is asked to call the following telephone number . 01/31 31 0 / 33 310

Police have already had success after the sex attack on a 23-year-old young woman also on the same line when the CCTV images allowed a 25-year-old homeless man to be identified – he has denied being to blame.