Man goes on supermarket axe rampage

A supermarket worker and three supermarket customers were attacked by a man on the rampage with an axe in a supermarket in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

The 49-year-old stormed into the supermarket where his 42-year-old ex-wife worked in the Floridsdorf district of Vienna on Monday afternoon armed with an axe and attacked his wife as well as three other shoppers.

The man started wielding the axe around in the air and trying to reach his ex.

Three customers who witnessed the attack tried to help the woman and were also attacked by the man.

A man who was trying to escape from the axe wielding man tripped and broke his leg, but the others were able to escape uninjured.

The woman managed to run into the office and call the police who arrested the man named by Vienna police only as Mustafa K at the scene.

The reason for the attack is thought to be a domestic fight between the estranged couple over the custody of their daughter.