Danube barracks on sale for 9 million

An Army camp built to house German troops after they marched into Austria and then housed Communist troops has been put up for sale with a pricetag of at least €9 million.

The Tegetthoff barracks in the Döbling area of Vienna were first used by the German Wehrmacht after the entry into Austria in 1938.

Between 1945 and 1955 the Red Army quartered men there, before the Austrian Armed Forces resumed control of it.

After it was given up by the Russians the barracks that are nestled alongside the Danube River was used by the Austrians to moor up the ships used by the Austrian military and later it was used to station museum the literary shipping.

For a pricetag of 9 million or more the buyer receives 34,000 square metres of building land. At the moment the area is occupied by 4,000 square metres of sleeping quarters, workshop buildings, a warehouse and storage shed – some of which have listed building status.

Some 35 per cent of the area may be built on. Binding bids need to be made to SIVBEG – a daughter company of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG) and the Ministry of Defence – the controversial organisation that recently tried to sell off a couple of Austrian mountains and then had to back down and cancel the sale after a massive public outcry.

Potential buyers have until 22 June to make an offer. After that, the highest bidder can take control of the area.

Between 2006 and 2011, 106 properties of the Armed Forces were sold by SIVEG, and the campaign continues. This year, a dozen properties are listed to be auctioned off, including the Rainer barracks in Salzburg, the Straub barracks in Hall (Tirol) and parts of the Van Swieten barracks in Vienna.

At the same time, barracks are being built and renovated. This year, ten building projects worth 40 million Euros have been initiated. An example is the new building project at the Archduke Johann barracks in Strass. More projects are being completed, including renovations of the Jansa barracks in Großmittel, the Maximilian barracks in Vienna New Town and the Maria Theresien barracks in Vienna.