Body without legs was missing Serb

A Serbian man living in Vienna who waited home for washing machine repair man to turn up has been discovered dead and without his legs in a woodland.

The man’s body was found on Thursday near Gablitz and over the weekend he was identified as 57-year-old Serb Marinkovic Milenko.

He vanished shortly after dropping off his wife to work at the end of March and then failed to turn up to meet a friend a short while later. In addition he failed to meet the washing machine repair man and his concerned wife raised the alarm when she got home and found no trace of him – only a card from the washing machine repairman to say that he had called.

The man’s body was positively identified by his widow, and the DNA test has now confirmed the identity.

The man’s legs have still not been identified. Nor has his car be found.

Police have appealed for anyone who may have information about the man or his killers or anything that might help the investigation to call 059133 30 3333.