Family who lost everything helped

Austrian firemen in Melk in Lower Austria have been praised after stepping in to help a Chechen family of four who lost everything when their car burst into flames.

The couple and their two children could only look on in tears as their car caught fire as they travelled along the Westautobahn near Melk.

Fire brigade boss Rene Kerschbaumer said they must have had a guardian and managed to pull over and get out of the car before it burst into flames.

He said: “The mother had made sure the children were safe while the father tried to rescue some of their property but without much success – it was already far too hot. He couldn’t even get anywhere near the car.”

The family had been on holiday in Germany and were on their way home with their two daughters aged six and four.

As well as their luggage and their transport they also lost their passports and travel documents.