Teens attacked by wasps

A teenager had to be hospitalised after he was stung by wasps 20 times.

The incident happened in Mondsee, Upper Austria, yesterday (Sun). Two friends of the 17-year-old boy were attacked as well. However, they did not have to be taken to a clinic due to the lower number of stings. The teens told doctors they were examining local woods for a school project when they discovered a nest of wasps. The condition of the teen who was most badly attacked by the insects is understood to be stable.

Just weeks ago, a 51-year-old driver crashed into an oncoming car trying to scare away a wasp. The man attempted to scare off the insect through an open window before colliding with a vehicle driven by a 71-year-old man from Germany near Innsbruck, Tyrol. The Austrian, the German tourist and his 70-year-old wife were taken to a hospital after the accident in which both cars were seriously damaged.