Hitler still honorary citizen of Fritzl town

Austrian-born Third Reich dictator Adolf Hitler is still a citizen of honour of a town in Lower Austria, it has been revealed.The Amstetten Green Party branch said today (Mon) that nothing has been done in this regard, adding that an officer of the German SS military force is still honoured in the same way.The party called on Social Democratic (SPÖ) Mayor Herbert Katzengruber to become active, according to the Heute newspaper.Officials and residents of Amstetten celebrate the town’s 900th anniversary this year.Amstetten became a household name with people all over the world in 2008 when it emerged that Josef Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth in a self-built cellar for more than 24 years. She bore him seven children of whom six survived. The 75-year-old is currently serving a lifetime jail term in a prison in Krems.