Mayor stole to fund gambling habit


The former mayor in Braunau, Upper Austria, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler is to appear in court after taking money from locals to fund his gambling addiction. Ex-mayor Gerhard Skiba is accused of borrowing almost half a million euros from locals claiming it was for relatives of his abroad who are having financial difficulties, and […]

Hitler still honorary citizen of Fritzl town

General News

Austrian-born Third Reich dictator Adolf Hitler is still a citizen of honour of a town in Lower Austria, it has been revealed.The Amstetten Green Party branch said today (Mon) that nothing has been done in this regard, adding that an officer of the German SS military force is still honoured in the same way.The party […]

UK had 20 Adolfs since WWII


At least 20 babies born in the United Kingdom after World War Two were named Adolf, new research has shown.British family tree organisation announced today (Weds) that more than 20 newborns were given the same name as Austrian-born Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.The agency said the most recent registration occurred in 2005, adding that 320 […]