Kid injured by mower blade

A young boy was hospitalised after being injured by the rotating blade of a lawnmower.The one-year-old child suffered serious injuries to his arms and upper body when his mum, 34, had an inattentive moment, police in Niedernsill, Salzburg, said today (Fri) about the incident in the family’s back garden yesterday afternoon.Officials explained the woman was mowing the lawn when she was distracted by her six-year-old daughter – right when her younger child approached the lawnmower.Salzburg Children’s Hospital authorities – where the kid is being treated – gave no detailed information of his condition and the injuries he sustained except pointing out that his life had not been endangered at any stage.Only some days ago, a boy, 11, chopped off his 10-year-old pal’s left index finger as they prepared firewood in Riefensberg, Vorarlberg.